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Stitching Buddy Needle Minder


The Stitching Buddy Appreciation Society (est. 2023) is about recognising the love and companionship of our furry friends. The ones who snooze beside us as we stitch, occasionally offering a 'helpful' paw and always contributing a few hairs to our projects! Celebrate your feline and canine friends with this cute heart-shaped needle minder, featuring teeny hand-drawn cross stitch paw prints on a beautiful turquoise background.

My original design has been professionally printed onto recycled white acrylic, and cut to shape. I then attached a neodymium magnet to the back using epoxy resin adhesive.

Size: 31mm tall x 38mm wide.

Once you've tried a minder, you'll never go back to stabbing your needle into your clothes or the arm of the sofa again. Losing your needle will become a lot harder!

How to use: Slide the magnets apart. Position the acrylic shape on the front of your work and attach the second magnet onto the reverse, the fabric will be sandwiched between the two magnets. Whenever you are not using your needle place it onto the minder and it will be held safe until you need it again.

WARNING: Neodymium magnets are VERY strong. Keep away from small humans, pets and electronic devices.

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